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Advanced Dual KSM9 Condenser Capsule Handheld Wireless Microphone ULXD System

Advanced Dual KSM9 Condenser Capsule Handheld Wireless Microphone ULXD System

Advanced Dual KSM9 Condenser Capsule Handheld Wireless Microphone ULXD System    Advanced Dual KSM9 Condenser Capsule Handheld Wireless Microphone ULXD System
MiCWL Authentic High Quality Professional True Diversity Handheld. Best Sound Quality and Super large Range. ULXD4 Receiver with KSM8 Cardioid Dynamic Wireless System for Singers or Presenters.

With Beta87 with KSM9 Condenser microphone capsule Handheld. The First Choice for Both Sound Designers and Occasional Users Because of its Simplicity. Digital 2 Channel Receiver for Live Productions and Transmissions. (each channel have 150 frequency selection , total 300 frequency selection). Even in the thoughest environmets, Huge Spectral efficiency.

With Equidistant frequency gird and true bit diversity. Analog and Digital Outpurs (XLR, Jack). High-Contrast LCD Display with LQI indicator. Live Performances Wireless 2 Silver color KSM8 Digital Handheld Microphones. Brand New - Original Packaging.

500m Large unimpeded plaza/vocal concert. Complex harsh environment 200m Range (Rainy days are included).

True diversity, 2 Channel wireless handheld microphones, short circuit protection function; infrared automatic frequency matching, pilot frequency function Four antenna signal strengthened reception (multi-level high-frequency filter design has strong anti-interference ability and no noise). 2.1U standard chassis, metal panel, LCD liquid crystal display display working status, simple function operation.

High-fidelity audio transmission circuit, anti-drop, anti-vibration microphone core matching, sound clarity and high vocal reproduction. Hand microphone power consumption: 110MA, using imported DC conversion boost circuit low power consumption and high efficiency, effectively extending the battery life. Radiant power: 16mW, use distance up to 500 meters in open environment. Complex harsh environment Rainy 200m Range. Use multiple squelch control circuits on the receiver to effectively prevent external signal interference.

300 channels (A channel 001-150, B channel 151-300), no serial frequency or frequency drop when using multiple sets. Suitable for long-distance projects, large and small performances and other occasions. Equipped with anti-switch impact function to ensure the protection of the output of the rear stage, and prevent the power amplifier and speakers from being impacted and burned. The hand microphone has a battery level display, and the receiver also has a battery level display, which is convenient for remote monitoring of battery usage and working status at a glance. True diversity receiver, dual-channel independent selection system. It can minimize the occurrence of frequency interruption. The dual-channel independent AFS frequency automatic search function can quickly scan and lock the frequency with the least. Worry in the working environment. Professional performance-level phase lock circuit, combined with noise lock squelch control and digital pilot technology, when. The transmitter is turned off, the pilot control mutes the AF signal to suppress noise, and at the same time mutes the. It guarantees the effective blocking of the worry signal. Backlit LED display indicates the working status of RF and AF signal strength, battery status, diversity channel indication. (A/B), frequency, frequency group/channel, etc. Accurate electronic volume control technology, the receiving distance is adjustable in three gears, and has an operation key. Lock function to prevent misuse. 3 true diversity wireless system is specially designed for touring and fixed installation purposes, and provides a variety.

Of sound heads with different sound properties for replacement. It has the highest reliability, sound quality and transmission. Modulation method: FM frequency modulationNumber of channels: 300 channels of infrared automatic frequency matching.

Operating temperature: minus 18 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius. Squelch mode: automatic noise detection and digital ID code squelch. Receiving method: double-conversion superheterodyne, double-tuned true diversity reception. Oscillation mode: PLL phase locked loop. IF frequency: first IF: 110MHz, second IF: 10.7MHz. Audio output: unbalanced: +4dB (1.25V)/5KO. Balance: +10dB(1.5V)/600O. Supply voltage: DC12V Supply current: 450mA. KSM8 / SKM9000 / Beta87 Transmitter. Optional dynamic microphone handheld, capacitive microphone handheld, lavalier, head-mounted. Output power: 3dBm-10dBm (LO/HI conversion).

Battery: 2 "1.5V5" batteries Current. Use time (alkaline battery): about 8 hours at high power. Zinc aluminum alloy structure (OK-2H/3H). All aluminum alloy structure OK-5H/66H.

1x ULXD4 Digital Wireless Host. 2x KSM8 Digital Wireless Handheld Microphones. This item is in the category "Musical Instruments & Gear\Pro Audio Equipment\Microphones & Wireless Systems". The seller is "south-best" and is located in this country: CN.

This item can be shipped worldwide.
  1. Type Set: 2 x Headset
  2. Transducer Type: Condenser
  3. Model: Advanced KSM9
  4. Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  5. Compatible Brand: MiCWL
  6. Connectivity: 6.35 mm (1/4 in) TS, UHF, Wireless, XLR 3 Pin
  7. Features: Adjustable Gain, Wireless Handheld
  8. MPN: ULXD4000889960
  9. Diaphragm Size: Large
  10. Brand: MICWL
  11. Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year
  12. Form Factor: Condenser Microphone
  13. Suitable For: Studio Recording
  14. Polar Pattern: Cardioid

Advanced Dual KSM9 Condenser Capsule Handheld Wireless Microphone ULXD System    Advanced Dual KSM9 Condenser Capsule Handheld Wireless Microphone ULXD System